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Whether it is hi-tech IT and PLC competencies, production of electrical control units, or repairs and maintenance, Contech Automation PLC is capable of providing everything – with high quality and at the agreed time! Ever since its establishment in 1988, Contech has been working with automatic controls and machinery. Throughout the years, Contech has serviced water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, district heating plants, and industrial enterprises with equal success and a never-wavering commitment and focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our employees have vast experience in the optimisation, reconstruction, repairs, and emergency repairs of varied machinery and production facilities. We design, develop, and produce automation solutions for all imaginable purposes as OEM supplier, main contractor, or subcontractor. We provide assistance with the commissioning of production facilities in Denmark and abroad.




CONTECH designs and constructs high quality professional electric and automatic control units and control and distribution panels. The panels are assembled at our own workshop by trained technicians, and we take pride in delivering the most optimum solution at the agreed time.


CONTECH delivers customer-specific solutions tailored to serve all kinds of purposes, from one-of-a-kind control panels specially designed for a given production facility to serial production of machine control units shipped with machine/OEM producer equipment everywhere in the world.


CONTECH uses well-reputed quality products from a number of market-leading suppliers, e.g. Cubic, Rittal, Fibox, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Danfoss, Omron, etc.


CONTECH supplies panels as per customer specifications, based on documentation provided by the customer. If, so desired, it is possible for the customer to deliver selected component parts (e.g. PLC) himself.


CONTECH can take part in the project planning, preparation of documentation, selection of components, etc.


CONTECH offers THERMAL IMAGING of distribution and control panels according to ASNT at ITC level.


CONTECH’s service technicians and programmers have vast experience in electrical technology, automation, and pneumatics.


CONTECH offers individual automation solutions, and we are always happy to find the optimum solution suited to your specific needs.


CONTECH does large-scale assembly work in new production facilities and machinery, both as a turnkey contractor and a subcontractor.


CONTECH conducts replacement and optimisation of old PLC systems in existing machinery and production facilities.


CONTECH conducts repairs of both small and large machinery and small devices. You can bring the defective product to our workshop, or we can come and do on-site troubleshooting and repairs on your own premises.


CONTECH can also be your day-to-day service partner and remedy defects and flaws in individual machine controls or your whole production facility.


CONTECH's skilled programmers develop advanced PLC and SCADA solutions for all imaginable purposes.

CONTECH performs modifications and optimisations of existing PLC programs.

CONTECH conducts replacement and optimisation of old PLC systems in existing machinery and production facilities.


CONTECH develops, modifies, and optimises user interfaces in HMI & SCADA solutions.

CONTECH develops communication drivers for signal exchange with other systems and facilities.

CONTECH establishes remote, Internet-based monitoring using PCs, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and smartphones, etc.

CONTECH establishes alert systems using fixed telephones, SMS, and e-mail.

CONTECH works mainly with the following PLC makes: Omron, Siemens, Allen Bradley, and Proface, but makes modifications and fixes in other makes, too.



CONTECH offers consulting in water treatment and filter operation, etc.

CONTECH offers assistance in connection with DDS (Documented Drinking Water Safety), correspondence with and applications to the authorities.

CONTECH's service engineers and programmers have a vast process knowledge and experience in waterworks technology.

CONTECH can therefore offer water treatment solutions with a focus on water quality and energy consumption.

CONTECH offers service agreements to waterworks comprising inspections and overhauls of all of the waterworks' technical installations at regular intervals.

CONTECH has a 24-hour emergency service, with the option to take out a subscription and sign a holiday relief agreement pursuant to which we will tend to the waterworks while your operating personnel or plant supervisors are on holiday.

CONTECH supplies complete control panels and distribution boards with our unique waterworks program that makes it possible to adjust all operating parameters.

CONTECH establishes remote, Internet-based control and monitoring using PC, IPAD, IPHONE, tablets, smartphones, etc.


CONTECH supplies control and distribution panels to both new and existing sewage treatment plants undergoing expansion. We set up routes, conduits and cable trays, run cables, connect new facilities (grit chamber bridges, settling basins, secondary settling, etc.).


CONTECH conducts replacement and optimisation of old PLC and SCADA systems.

CONTECH establishes remote, Internet-based operation and monitoring using PCs, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and smartphones, etc.

CONTECH establishes data collection systems using SMS, GPRS, or radio solutions.


CONTECH integrates new pumping stations, combined sewer overflows, and diverse measuring and analysis equipment, etc.


CONTECH supplies filter control units with or without dosing system control.

CONTECH supplies control panels for movable bottoms.


Service and maintenance of all types of lifts, escalators, and person lifts…


All passenger and freight lifts in Denmark, regardless of their size and placement, are subject by law to mandatory service inspections at fixed service intervals.


CONTECH has been approved by the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Maritime Authority to perform service and safety inspections of all types of lifts, escalators, and person lifts.

CONTECH uses only employees who meet the Danish Working Environment Authority's training requirements for service and maintenance of lifts, escalators, and person lifts.


CONTECH can offer mandatory inspections, current maintenance, repairs, and emergency repairs of machine breakdowns.


CONTECH services and repairs all types and makes of machinery.


CONTECH is the day-to-day service partner of a number of utility companies, private water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, district heating plants, and other industrial enterprises. In the event of stoppages, these companies may need emergency troubleshooting and repair assistance.

CONTECH therefore offers an emergency service that ensures that you will get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Our service vehicles reach the whole of Denmark.


If you are in need of emergency assistance, contact us at:


+45 54 88 44 40 – Telephone

+45 20 33 54 44 – Emergency telephone

+45 54 86 14 92 – Fax


Contech’s opening hours:


7:15 am – 3:45 pm Monday – Thursday

7:15 am – 12:15 pm Fridays


Send os en e-mail, for at bestille brochurer per post: mail@contech-automatic.dk


Contech Automatic ApS   -   Aarhusvej 38, 4800 Nykøbing F., Danmark    -   +45 54 88 44 40   -   CVR. Nr. 12 29 59 44

Contech Automatic ApS


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+45 54 88 44 40

+45 20 33 54 44 – Emergency telephone


VAT. Nr. 12 29 59 44




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